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miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

The power of art in business innovation (7 min.).

The power of art in business innovation (7 min.).
© Juan B. Lorenzo de Membiela

The changes impose challenges. Those who face them, adapt, can overcome them, those who persevere in what is already critical, failing. The problem is not only proactive to change, but opt for an effective architecture for a new socio-economic paradigm.

The challenge of the future, of the unfathomable. It is not the 'fatum' or destiny of the Greek and Roman cultures. The 'fatum' is the certainty led to the awareness that everything happens is linked by a causal chain.Therefore imperatively ensues (Schopenhauer, 2008: 108).

But this thesis is surpassed by the physics and biology finds that underlie the behavior of limited instability or chaos (Stacey, 1994).

Nothing is predetermined and nothing has a form until it exists.

By this vacuum we refer to the example. Example is what happened in the past. Cycles arise from its analysis. But these cycles found only non-linear realities. Do not offer answers to the crisis in particular. Then in where we find evidence of what happen in the future?

For Ortega, new shapes are manifested in art (the dehumanization of art) and other essays in aesthetics, 1925. And in pure science, by being more free activities, not subject to the constraints of each time, unrelated to the censure which amputates the soul. First Flash where there are any changes of collective sensibility that hides new designs.

Artistic inspiration, which is a source of original and new idea, has some clairvoyant. Reach the more ethereal, more abstract, which can not reach anyone. Contemplate the subtlety of a Flash in the darkness of the arcane may be indication today of tomorrow's society.

Because the poet begins where man ends. The target of this is to live his human route; the Mission of the one is to invent what does not exist.

The poet increases worldwide, adding to the real thing, which is already there by itself, an unrealistic mainland. The artist takes off from conventional, perhaps of prosaic, perceiving the extraordinary.

Author, comes from «auctor», which increases. The Romans called this the general who won a new territory for the Empire.

The aesthetics and perception of future?

The 'art' concept has also been studied by Drucker contrasting it with the theoretical. Art is something intrinsic to the Administration even its different nature with the theoretical (the essence of modern administration, 2001: 115). Its essential notes:

1. Art is private and subjective, the theory is a set of rules and impersonal requirements.

2. Art is ambiguous, the theory is accurate.

3. The art is instinctive, the theory is logical.

4. Art produces innovations, technical theory.

5. Art is a gift that may not be taught, in theory are communicable knowledge.

6. Art includes experiences, subscribes to the theory concepts.

Montañés Duato equate to artists and managers. Your connection is the creation. Both suffer and both are happy their results (political intelligence, 2011: 238). But also in the creation of the idea it is necessary that the Steering adopt a quantitative and professional asepsis that blur its reality. It is common that you repair most in the financial dimension that the quality of their own idea.

The creative idea and perception of future?

Refers to "creative tension" (King, 1986: 52-9). It arises when a vision that does not yet exist is discover investigating the forces that 'they bullen below reality». Then light the gaps between reality and vision (2006: 439-40 Senge), between the present and the future.

Leaders that possess this "creative tension" have hardened in a lifetime of efforts: to develop conceptual and communication skills. To reflect on personal values and align their personal conduct with these values to learn to listen and feel what is beyond a simple communication. Without that effort, he reasons, Peter Senge, his charisma disappears. Security that transmits to the unknown vanishes. The future is no longer what it was when he spoke to us, is more bleak, more bleak.

The creative potential of the organization is the only viable option to overcome the crisis, it has always and under all the circumstances. It is something intrinsic to every organization. And yet all human capital only a few have the tools needed to realize their talents for the future.

Creativity means dispel grades and ranks. In the creative, personal reputation is creative fitness: are not necessary credentials, or relationships, or years of experience (Hamel, 2008: 214).

Power art only. And enough with this. Or it should be sufficient. Another thing is wanting to take up the challenges of creative because it convulsionará «provisions» and like a few, almost no one.