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viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

Forecast in crisis (7 min.) (more than wait events)

Forecast in crisis (7 min.) (more than wait events)

Forecast in crisis (7 min.)
(more than wait events)

Juan B. Lorenzo Membiela

Unemployment affects not only the person, but the environment in which it operates. Giddens, on studies conducted by Jahoda noted the weakening of social ties and communities: the unemployed were less involved in public affairs, relate to least and least visit your city library... (Jahoda, 1982).

These facts, referential, are indicative of consequences for the man in your life and political dimension. It auto-excluye any citizen role. It alienates its public sphere that by natural law and of private or family, which belongs to you by affection.

Jouvenel, the Centre of political life is family.

After being eroded by postmodernism, creating the so-called "mass man," person without spiritual and only public links, sunk in the exclusive hedonism of complacency. But this happened. Only the family has served and serves as unacceptable challenges to the unemployed and also for a State that supports previous and future mortgages.

Under the conflict or crisis attended so-called "resilience", etiological concept applied to social processes and it is defined as a dynamic process that has the adaptation as a result positive in contexts of great adversity (Luthar, Cicchetti and Becker, 2000).

Develop behavioral strategies to promote "resilience" must become objective of a proactive health policy towards the phenomenon of unemployment, and more when it is systemic.
Also implemented in programmes of education at all levels to complete the training for a future where the roads fade away.

Forecasting not only prevention.

Unemployment, to be serious, does not justify a committal to an alienating neo-capitalism demands. Litim, of the University of Paris, lists the consequences of a requirement of efficiency and extreme productivity: occupational cancers, reactive somatizations to a hostile environment and suicides.

In France claims numerous autoliticos in the «France Télécom» company was striking. During the years 2008 to 2009 the figure reached 35, something unusual. The events that followed during 2010 and 2011.

The Paris Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation for harassment in April 2012. French labour inspection analyzed in his report cases of suicide, but also attempts suicide and depression that was caused by the personnel of the former State-owned monopoly French policy. Excessive pressure, exacerbation of productivity without defined objectives, taxes and induced fears, uncertainty, confusion.

This was caused by the need to restructure the template. He spoke of lay off 22,000 employees. Strategies consisting of the increase of work, assuming management primitive designs, typically Asian, are difficult implementation to those who have taken labor principles by an evolution in the way of delivering the work.

Without a strategy change management, proper, and the use of severe management measures the psychological collapse is a likely option.

Human resources policies have resulted in a resounding failure. Very few leaders are sensitive to this situation, or because they do not know or can not, indication of the crisis of humanism.

Planning which alleviate adverse effects "of the crisis" and "in crisis" is Miss. Corporate Social responsibility has been inoperative. The ecological component has disappeared and sustainability is no longer regarding any. But the man is unavailable.

United Kingdom adopted in 2009 through its Ministry of health, a plan of colliding with the effects of the crisis through psychological and medical assistance to alleviate lower levels of mental well-being. The measures proposed were:

1. Training of therapists and nurses to create a network of units of psychological distress in employment offices and outpatient primary care physicians at the end of 2010.
2. Creation of a helpline to assist those who have been plunged into depression due to economic problems.

Do the proper things does not make things right. Make them with the integrity of passes excellence by the obligation to empathize with all the human element and provide assistance to the most needy.

I speak from honesty to those who sincerely are at critical crossroads.