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viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

The lie and his deception (8 min.)

The lie and his deception (8 min.)

The lie and his deception
Juan B. Lorenzo Membiela

There are those who are in the lie a way of life and an experience mystical, delirious, seem to be what they want to be, not so. The comic it is deceit destroys coexistence and degrades society or a hell or a grotesque comedy.

Interpersonal relationships exist because we are confident in the honesty and good faith of others. If people who surround us us lie, life becomes unbearable. We do not repair it and however is of crucial importance.

Phylogenetically conditioned to live in community, the frustration of deception leads us towards a social and emotional self-sufficiency. To asocial wagers. This idea is not extravagant. The reintegration into society may not produce anything other than a single amputation. The axiom of Ovid is revealing: 'Division, qui bene vene latuit' (well live who is well hidden).

The romanticism of century XIX, born on turbulent scenarios, reverenced the individual before the vacuity of the national. Perhaps today will see a romantic lyricism because social has been adulterated so that can only be found epic on those who defy the hypocrisy. To the folly of the times. Without major concessions.

But this is difficult. Today the deception is utilitarian. As long as me to be profitable, the falsehood is something without relevance. It was not always like this and even today there are a few exceptions.

Communities are built on good faith.

Social status is built on the solvency and honesty of others, develop scientific research, are granted credits and agree investments. This more or less convincing representations framework is maintained only by the morality and its effects.

Man is the only animal that can control the mode and way to represent to others. The relevance of that truth or lie is measured by the degree of commitment with their peers.

Indifference towards others, denial of assistance and relief, inhumanity, civic selfishness in short, could be explained by a sceptical on alien honesty. From here everything is brutality. «Human barbarism engenders cruel gods which, in turn, encourage humans to barbarism» (Morin, 2009). It is the same as saying that the lie engenders lie that in turn encourages people to surrender to stormy of deception. And this elusive man the most basic thing that has and that is its ability to relate to others sincerely.

Someone said that the reason is tame instincts but does not indicate the lie a perversion of reason to return to the instinct but always in selfish advantage?

Deception reaches an intellectual superiority that allows a domain of few over many. It is an absolute that is born of the spirit, so brutal and effective as physical force (Simmel, 2010: 37). Who not has seen succumb to brave by deception of others? Who has not contributed, with the involuntarity of ignorance, to all this?

Totalitarianism in the lie does not constitute any problem because there is no freedom. Hence the geometry deception/totalitarismo-verdad/freedom reaches a decisive relevance. But the man «things» do not have this Apollonian structure showing unwarranted amorfismos. Deception/truth and totalitarianism/freedom usually appear in the same oil.

The credulity of the people is so deep that he assumes the last only being it. When injustices supports a people but when it is unable to take account of them? (Friedrich Richter, 2012: 89).

It is terrible because the credulity of citizens and voters is a failure that makes it easy to govern comfortably without greater commitments, without greater excellence. But who cares about these things?

Lies should not coexist in a democracy because nothing can escape the application of the law (De Lucas, 1990). Not always is the effectiveness of the law. It is not uncommon that justice who seek to find earlier in the benevolence and compasividad of their enemies. Noble gesture on the edge of the sublime. Why open that marble closes...

Our Constitution protects the veracity of the information, but I am afraid that the deception always exists for the benefit of the elites and always to the detriment of the mass. It is somewhat apodictic, without nuances, orphan of ideologies and profoundly human.

The truth makes all while deception benefits a few. Demands today transparency in any activity, public and private, are trying to, at least, compensate that soon there. Not to mention that by 2007 the ethical demands of absolute nature did not serve but to waste editorial artifice without greater impact.